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Behind the Scenes

TwoGlocksCollections was founded by two sisters ,in which are three years apart. The young women were raised by two parents, but like all families do, they went through trials. In experiencing different levels of life, the sisters mindset started to evolve with reality. Later, the family of four decided in their experiences they would like to help others.

They began to work with an outreach church in Orange Mound, Memphis TN, to help others in the community with groceries, sheltering, etc. While working in the volunteer outreaches. The girls mother decided that they needed to take in their 7 grandchildren, 5 girls and 2 boys.

Months passed. They noticed the kids struggling in a more structured background. With test and help from doctors they discovered that they were suffering with ADHD, bipolar disorders, and more. The youngest, suffered from scoliosis, cerebral palsy, feeding through a G-Tube, and he could not speak. Unfortunately, he passed away at age 4 from battling with his disabilities on September 16 of 2019.

In memory of their "Big Man" the girls father established the family business, SeedHouse Inc. This is a nonprofit organization that helps families with disabilities, IEPs for children in school, find housing, and more. To learn more about SeedHouse, click the link below

Seed House Inc. - Home

This lead the girls to start TGC Co. for people who don't want to spend more than $30 to $100 for items they can find cheaper with the same material. So they decided to establish TwoGlocksCollections Company (TGC CO.) The reasoning for the name and logo is because it symbolizes the hidden identity, the glocks represents each sister, because of their common interest in machinery.